Powerful SQLite-based Database Client

LibSQL Studio is a fully-featured, lightweight GUI client for managing SQLite-based databases like Turso, LibSQL, and rqlite. It runs entirely in your browser, so there's no need to download anything.

LibSQL Studio Powerful Browser Database GUI

Supports a wide range of SQLite-based databases


Powerful Data Editor

The handy data editor allows you to add, delete, and edit information.

Any changes you make in the data editor are saved on your device and can be submitted all at once.

You can export any table or result set in various formats such as CSV, JSON, and SQL.

Data Editor

Writing and Running SQL

LibSQL Studio offers a simple query editor with auto-completion features. You can run multiple queries and view their results

Enjoy unlimited query tab.

Data Editor

Create and Edit Table

LibSQL Studio allows you to quickly create, modify, and remove table columns with just a few clicks without writing any SQL.

Before executing, you have the option to preview the SQL script for creating or modifying a table.

Data Editor

No Download

There is no need to download anything. LibSQL Studio runs directly in your favorite web browser, making it compatible across different platforms.

Open Source and Free

LibSQL Studio is open source and completely free to use. You have the opportunity to suggest new features or even contribute to adding them yourself.

Data Editor

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